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The NY Hip Hop Report

Jun 19, 2017

Episode six of the new format, and The NY Hip Hop Report with Manny Faces keeps pushing the envelope when it comes to smart, passionate discussion about New York-area hip hop music and culture. For this episode, Manny Faces recapped outstanding recent hip hop-related happenings in and around NYC, including the inspiring and innovative #HipHopHacks event held at Spotify (at which Manny was the opening speaker), as well as an album release party for internationally touring, independent artists Illspokinn & ZaJazza.

The meat and potatoes of the episode? An incredibly insightful look at the various entities who purport to be developing/building/opening various incarnations of a hip hop museum or Hall of Fame. Despite recently circulating reports about a new development planned for such an establishment in Harlem, Manny broke it down when it came to the history of the entities, and why, from multiple perspectives, while the idea of a hip hop museum/hall of fame sounds great in theory, the execution of those currently undertaking this monumental task is largely flawed, and such a project is highly unlikely to find success.